Welcome home

The "Villa Parisienne" is the newest 'Boutiques Hotel' boho chic of Paris in the heart of the district 'bubbling' of the Opera / Montmartre.
Conveniently located at the intersections of the Faubourg Montmartre and the coveted rue des Martyrs, our hotel with 28 rooms has been completely renovated and decorated in 2014.

From the lobby, we wanted to create an atmosphere that is both feminine with pink accents and purple contrasting with deep, contemporary gray with a sleek and comfortable furniture. We wanted to find the roots of Paris early last century began to honor the elegance of Paris, the beauty of the materials and the chic of the capital.
And to add to this feminine touch, prints and original photographs of models who have posed for larger like Chanel, punctuate this refined decoration.

The rooms cleverly play with colors moles, gray, beige and purple, as to the bathroom, the bias of the gray and white stripes was adopted! This contrast between masculine and feminine atmosphere sobriety was carefully balanced so that everyone can take ownership of the site and recreate its own cocoon!
Combining the charm to a functional and contemporary spirit, we have not forgotten your well being and comfort. So we put in place the essential benefits and expected in a high end hotel. Minibar, tea and coffee, office with wall USB ports, cable channels, bathrobes ... not to mention, of course, our personalized concierge service.